Is it bad to take a shower before bed?

Is it better to take a shower at night or in the morning? The continuous flow of water on the body, provides numerous benefits to the body. Warm water, dilates blood vessels, lowers muscle tone, distends joints, induces a certain state of relaxation, facilitates blood circulation … In addition to heat, the other “culprit” of … Read more

Is it better to shower in the morning?

Are you one of those people who prefer to shower in the morning or at night? While some prefer to go directly into the shower in the morning, others prefer to do so before going to bed, as they also clean themselves in bed. But … could it have been different to the benefits of … Read more

How often should you shower?

How often do you take a shower? Most likely, your answer: every day. We are all used to this, and 10 minutes under the shower every day, sometimes even twice a day, is in the order of things. Only this is fundamentally the wrong habit. Of course, one should follow hygiene, and nobody denies this, … Read more

Is a steam shower good for you?

Since ancient times the human being has used water and its vapors to relax and purify the body. Many are the benefits that this type of treatment offers, but most of us in many cases do not know for sure the true benefits of these treatments. The steam showers are totally recommended for all types … Read more

What type of shower head is best?

In this article I will carry out an analysis and comparison between several brands and models of bath shower heads, indicating their pros and cons so you can choose the option for sale that best suits your needs. Bath time is a very special time of the day for me. To start the day or … Read more

Do shower head water filters work?

The fact that you are reading this means that you are probably not satisfied with the quality of the water in your house. Or are not you fed up with the egg smell coming from your pipes? If your answer is yes to any of the above, then your options are to get a water … Read more

Is it better to take a cold or hot shower?

– Hot or cold water? Both options have positive effects – Showering with water above 38º or below 10º is discouraged. When it comes to the temperature of the daily shower there are many theories. Which is better, hot or cold water? As always in these cases the answer is open. A shower with very … Read more

What is the best cleaner for showers?

What is the best cleaner for showers? In today’s post we are going to give you some guidelines on how to clean the shower in a fast and efficient way. The decision to change the bathtub for a shower is an intelligent decision that we see more and more in our homes, because in addition … Read more

Best RV Shower Heads

Today outdoor activities have been encouraged for the whole family, to disconnect everyone from the busy lifestyle we have today. With this, more ideas are created and it is not necessary to pack the entire car to change the environment, you just need a little imagination and some tools such as the Best RV Shower … Read more