Do shower head water filters work?

The fact that you are reading this means that you are probably not satisfied with the quality of the water in your house. Or are not you fed up with the egg smell coming from your pipes?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then your options are to get a water filter for the whole house, a shower filter or to follow the chemicals to remove lime. A whole house water filter is the best and most permanent solution, but it is also expensive and requires both the space inside your house and the installation made by experts.

A quicker and easier solution is a shower filter. It is much cheaper than an integral filter, easy to install and can get filtered water in minutes.

Do shower head filters help with hard water?

A shower softener simply softens hard water, but does NOT filter the water. This means that we eliminate the “hard” ones like calcium and magnesium. But it does not filter contaminants, dirt, bacteria, etc.

If hard water is the only problem in your home then a shower softener may be the perfect solution. However, if you want to protect things like scale, smell and smell of sulfur, then you need a shower filter.

The ideal solution would be a shower filter that softens and filters the water at the same time.

Here are the key advantages and disadvantages of getting a shower filter:


  • Only white water is obtained from a single shower fountain.
  • You can use regular filter changes, and a journal is used.
  • A shower softener does NOT filter the water. This means that the softened shower water can contain many contaminants, dirt and sediment.


  • It is cost effective compared to the purchase of an integral filter.
  • Very easy to install. All you need to do is literally replace the existing shower head with the new one.
  • Long-lasting softener that will benefit both the hair and the skin.
  • A water problem that softens the water is usually a good idea, especially if this water is the only problem you have in your home.

It is also much cheaper than investing a large amount of money in a comprehensive system.

Unfortunately, like chlorine, water pollution, water exists in almost every country on the planet.

So my advice would be a shower filter to do everything for you. That is, a shower filter that softens and filters at the same time. In this link we will find a guide on the filters for showers: Best Filtered Shower Head

Filters for showers VS. Integral systems

When you buy a shower filter and a softener, remember that it is only a partial solution. You just have to get filtered water from that single source of water.

This means that the tap water in your bathroom, the kitchen sink and the water you use in your appliances are still contaminated.

Yes, there are higher costs, a commitment and better maintenance. If you want a durable and permanent solution for filtered water throughout your home, then a house filter is the way to go.

Here are some more specific advantages and disadvantages when it comes to getting a complete water filter:


  • High cost of purchase, installation and maintenance.


  • A permanent and lasting solution that can last several decades.
  • Treat the water throughout your house.
  • Installing an integral filter for the home directly in your plumbing means a better quality of the water supplied to your appliances. The result of this is that your appliances will last longer than the lime and dirt that clogs their bodies.
  • Put it on and forget it. Get an automated measurement system to produce clean and fresh water for you on demand.
  • Soften and filter all the water in your home at the same time with integral household filters.