How often should you shower?

How often do you take a shower? Most likely, your answer: every day. We are all used to this, and 10 minutes under the shower every day, sometimes even twice a day, is in the order of things. Only this is fundamentally the wrong habit. Of course, one should follow hygiene, and nobody denies this, but is it really so necessary to bathe every day?

Today we will clarify why you should not bathe every day, and how this is affecting health.

I can take a shower

Some details to start.

  • To take a shower, approximately 60 liters of water are consumed. If a heater is used, the flow rate triples.
  • Take a bath in the bathtub – 200 liters. If we calculate, a family of four people who bathe every day spends approximately 25 cubic meters of water every year.

How often do I need to bathe?

With the current electricity and water prices, this is assembled in a considerable amount. In addition, it hurts in our pocket, it also has a detrimental effect on the environment. People who take showers very often are responsible for throwing 3.5 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per year. And if we take into account that the standard for a person is 1 ton, this activity has a great impact.

Should I shower twice a day?

Someone will say that it does not matter, since every day we have to wash ourselves. But this is not entirely true, and for this there is a medical justification. Dermatologists believe that for children to bathe every day can be harmful, because it reduces the ability of the skin to fight bacteria. They argue that early interaction with dirt makes the skin less susceptible to infections, and may even prevent the development of eczema. Of course, everything must be within reasonable terms.

We all love the different means of showering: soap, gels, etc. Doctors also argue that frequent use of soap leads to the loss of sebum and destroys useful bacteria for humans. This contributes to the development of dermatitis. The same situation occurs with hair shampoo. If you wash your hair with shampoo daily, it also leads to loss of the protective layer of hair grease, dries and destroys the skin, producing dandruff.

Do you think it’s profitable for someone to clean up so often and use such a large amount of washing components? Of course, to the companies that produce the corresponding articles. It may sound exaggerated, but the rule of taking a shower every day is imposed by the cultural norm, and not by necessity. Hygiene is important, and you should not neglect it at all, but, in the opinion of the hygienists, it is not necessary to use soap at all times. With the usual water it will be enough.

Most of our body is protected by clothing, so it does not come into contact with the environment. Respectively, it does not require daily washing with the use of soap. Undoubtedly, certain parts of the body (armpits, intimate areas, legs) require daily hygiene for obvious reasons. And, of course, hands should be washed before handling food, and preferably with soap.

In fact, there is no clear rule about when and how often a person should bathe. Everything depends on your lifestyle, climate and anatomical characteristics. The more physical activity, the more you should wash.

In general, a short, warm or refreshing shower, one day a day, will not face the maintenance of body hygiene (without forgetting the daily hygiene of the armpits and intimate areas). Everything is very individual, and without exaggeration, both in the consumption of water and in the means of cleaning.