Is it bad to take a shower before bed?

Is it better to take a shower at night or in the morning?

The continuous flow of water on the body, provides numerous benefits to the body. Warm water, dilates blood vessels, lowers muscle tone, distends joints, induces a certain state of relaxation, facilitates blood circulation … In addition to heat, the other “culprit” of these beneficial effects is the movement of water of the shower, which acts as a source of mechanical stimulation, imagine then, thousands of particles massaging our dermis and our muscles.

This property of the water in movement, enhances the sedative action of the shower. Therefore, if it occurs approximately one hour before sleep, it will help us fall asleep.

On the other hand, there are several factors that concern the shower that we must take into account, if we want to benefit from its anti-stress power. First, the aforementioned temperature, which should not exceed 38 degrees. A shower that is too hot can cause the opposite effect to the desired one, since it is necessary to lower the body temperature in order to fall asleep. Many problems of insomnia, seem to be caused by a difficulty of the body to lose heat. The duration is also important, (and leaving aside the issues of care of the environment and savings), a shower should not last more than five minutes, because under water the body is subject to an excess of activity that can cause an over stimulation that prevents us from falling asleep.

Beyond its physiological effect, psychologically it is a moment of disconnection with the outside, and we have a small space at the end of the day to be with ourselves. In general we can say that after a shower, we all feel a sense of well being, we go out feeling deep hygiene, and there is nothing more pleasant than putting on some comfortable clothes, and laying on a mattress that invites us to abandon ourselves “in arms of Morpheus. ”

Is there a perfect time to do it? not specifically, but it is recommended that this not be so late as it may generate some problems. The specialist also says that during the day the temperature of the body grows and when there is “cooling” at the time of bathing the body understands that it should rest, so it will be much easier to fall asleep.

Try to bathe half an hour before falling into the arms of morpheus, because that way your body goes through a process of tempering naturally. But this nocturnal shower is not only beneficial for sleep, but also to prevent wrinkles and provides a cleaning of it before sleep.