Is it better to take a cold or hot shower?

– Hot or cold water? Both options have positive effects
Showering with water above 38º or below 10º is discouraged.

When it comes to the temperature of the daily shower there are many theories. Which is better, hot or cold water? As always in these cases the answer is open. A shower with very hot water can put the skin or scalp at risk. But nevertheless, the vapor is useful for the respiratory tract and helps to clean the skin in depth. Cold showers are perfect before an intellectual activity but offer less comfort.

Below we see the main advantages and disadvantages of one or another option.

Shower with hot water:

Hot water is the preferred option for most users when showering at home. The high temperatures help to relax the body and get more comfort. It is proven that heat serves to relieve muscular tensions as it promotes the flow of blood between the skin and muscles.

Hot water is also recommended for a peaceful and relaxing sleep. It even has positive effects on migraines or headaches after a hard day’s work. Water vapor is beneficial to unblock the airways or to open the pores when cleaning the face thoroughly.

When showering with hot water the most usual is to regulate the flow between 34 and 38º. Above this temperature the water can cause burns or be harmful to the skin or scalp. It is not recommended to exceed 38º in people with sensitive skin.

But how to know when we overcome this temperature? Very easy, the Clever thermostatic models incorporate the Safety Block system, which blocks the control when the 38º is reached and it is necessary to press a button to increase the heat. You can see the Nine Xtreme or Elegance models and choose the one that best suits your shower style.

Shower with cold water

Are cold showers better for you?

The main disadvantage of showering with cold water is that comfort is lost compared to the hot shower. It is the least used option but with some interesting features.

The cold shower is recommended for athletes because the cold helps to numb the nerve endings, which relieves the instantaneous and localized pain. It also clears the mind after a very intense neuronal activity and helps prepare for concentration in any intellectual activity. Cold stimulates the production of noradrenaline, a hormone that reduces stress. Several experts agree on its power to oxygenate tissues and detoxify the skin. When showering with cold water, it is best not to do it below 10º since it can cause a drop in the vital pulse or cause a headache.

Which is better, hot or cold water?

As Aristotle said “Virtue is at the midpoint” Mixing both options manages to bring together all the benefits of both temperatures. Something usual in urban spas that combine cold and hot water in their treatments. In the case of the daily shower, experts recommend adjusting the thermostat to 30º, the ideal comfort for a relaxing, functional and risk-free shower.